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Avenged Sevenfold won/will be winning the Golden God award for best fan base. The actual awards didn’t take place yet, but they already got it. Matt gave the award to a fan in the crowd at a show. I guess I don’t have the most random piece of band memorabilia anymore with Matt’s hospital bracelet that he gave me after a show in Baltimore. :-) Congrats to this kid though. That’s awesome. 

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Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

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This is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen in a while.. 

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it wasn’t about destiny, magic or the power behind the crown, it was about him.

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Calum from YouTube

this was the best moment of my life because LOOK AT HIM

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Flawless logic.

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"I first saw Adam Brody on The O.C as Seth Cohen and I love that character; I was so flattered when everybody started comparing Stiles to Seth Cohen. I was like ‘Oh, cool, that’s great!’ You can’t get a better comparison.” 
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The two smartest men on the planet.

Just one of those posts you can’t not reblog.

This is unreal

wait, not happy?

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rioluo said: laura you are 10x better at english than you think you are mark and i were talking about it today we love you and you’re fantastic

i hope i am. it was a lesson today when everything went asdfhjkllkjhgvbnm. also thank you, so are you and i love you too

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